High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin

Troponin-I (TNI) is a cytological protein forming part of the contractile apparatus in cardiac muscle cells. Cardiac myocyte damage leads to release of TNI into the bloodstream. Elevated TNI levels are a highly specific indicator of active myocardial damage, being found in very low concentrations in other muscle types.

Causes of elevated TNIH include myocardial injury due to:

Primary cardiac disease

  • myocardial infarction
  • myocarditis
  • pericarditis
  • myocardial toxicity e.g. monensin intoxication

Non-cardiac diseases

  • systemic inflammatory diseases
  • chronic lung disease, pneumonia
  • renal failure
  • shock
  • strangulating and inflammatory acute abdominal disease

Sampling protocol

Sample required:
Serum (gold-top gel or red-top plain tube). Plasma is unsuitable as reference ranges are based on serum.

Minimum volume:
• 1 ml serum
Use the same tube type (gold or red top) when serial sampling an individual patient.
Allow the sample to clot before centrifugation and separating the serum.
Tubes must be tightly capped for transport.
Ship serum samples frozen if there may be a delay in transport (testing must be performed within 24 hours for refrigerated samples).

TNIH is currently available for horses.

To order the TNIH test please send your patient serum sample to Gribbles along with your submission form.
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