Vet Help Desk Update

Farewell from Lynton

Well, my friends and colleagues the time has come to say farewell and amen. It’s hard to come to terms with, after working for 24 years at Gribbles Pathology and later Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, retirement time has arrived. Firstly starting in South Yarra in 1995, then moving to Clayton in 1999 and finally ending up at Glenside Lab Adelaide in 2016. I must firstly say a very big thank you to my dear friend and ever loyal and helpful colleague Leeanne Perrins, the other voice you hear when calling the Vet Help Desk.

To all our wonderful clients, it’s been my privilege and honour to have been a service to you all over the years.

The thing I’ll remember the most is how much support and feedback the clients have passed on freely over the years. It made my job so much easier and more importantly, enjoyable and a sense of doing the job right. You all made coming to work each day worthwhile, for that I’ll always be grateful. Lastly and most importantly folks (before I start getting too teary eyed and change my mind about retirement), allow me to introduce Kate Hearn who will be replacing me on the Help Desk. She will be a fantastic asset, not only to the company but to our wonderful clients also. I know you’ll welcome her to the fold with open arms and I wish her every success in her future career with Gribbles Veterinary. She’s great folks, let me tell you.

Well, that’s about all from me. Time to say farewell, head off in to the sunset and go and see some of the world, build a few more model aircraft (that gather dust) and enjoy what time I have left on this mortal soil.

Goodbye and thank you,

Welcome to Kate Hearn

As most would be aware, for the past 6 months Kate has been working in the Glenside lab, taking the opportunity to learn as much as she can whilst under the valued supervision of Lynton.

Kate has had a number of years’ experience in the field of public relations, customer service and administration. Kate comes from a background of Sales & Marketing, particularly in the retail and Pharmaceutical industry for both human and the companion animal sectors. Kate is looking forward to assisting you with your queries and will be taking on Lynton’s role permanently from July. Kate’s special interests include her love of animals, animal rescue and wildlife, and coaching her children’s soccer team.