Joint & Blood Cultures

Blood culture

Blood culture is indicated in animals with pyrexia of unknown origin and in disease processes where bacteraemia or septicaemia is expected (eg discospondylitis, endocarditis).

Joint fluid culture

It is recommended that joint fluid from suspected cases of septic joint disease be inoculated into blood culture bottles, as this greatly increases the sensitivity of joint cultures.


All species


Blood or joint fluid


Blood culture bottle

Collection protocol:

Aseptic collection of the sample is critical with the site of venipuncture being shaved and prepared as for surgical procedures. One contaminating bacterium will multiply and produce erroneous results.

Sterile blood (free of anticoagulant) or joint fluid is injected directly into a blood culture bottle (available from Gribbles Veterinary). Paediatric blood culture bottles only require 1-3 ml of sample.

Once the blood culture media has been inoculated DO NOT refrigerate, keep at room temperature until submitted to the laboratory. Courier to the laboratory in the usual way.