Chlamydia Culture

Chlamydia are intra-epithelial organisms so epithelial cells need to be collected in the specimen. This requires fairly vigorous scraping of the mucosa.

Although cats can carry chlamydia in their conjunctiva, birds carrying chlamydia usually do not have conjunctivitis. It is therefore recommended that conjunctival scrapes from birds only be done on those showing clinical conjunctivitis.

This is a referral test so turnaround time can be prolonged. See Chlamydia PCR and ELISA testing as these tests are preferred options.


Avian, feline


Conjunctival scrapings (cat or bird), cloacal scrapings, whole fresh spleen or liver


Chlamydia culture media

Collection protocol:

Firm swabbing of the affected tissue

Special handling/shipping requirements:

Ship chilled, double bagged in leak proof container as this is a zoonotic organism