Avian, Reptile, Fish and Non-Mammalian Full Blood Examination

Tests included:

Full Blood Examination (includes PCV, detailed smear examination with estimated white cell count, white cell differential and morphology, erythrocyte morphology, thrombocyte assessment)

Pathologist Interpretation


Avian, reptile, fish and other non-mammalian animals


Whole blood (0.4 ml minimum), Blood Smear (essential)


Lithium heparin (preferred)

EDTA (haematology only)

Glass slides in slide carriers

Collection protocol:

Standard venepuncture. Blood smears are best made directly from the hub of the collection needle before contact with anticoagulant. Gentle smear technique will help preserve white cell morphology. Air dry smears immediately and if transport to the lab will be delayed, smears can be fixed and stained with Diff Quik prior to submission.