Theileria orientalis Ikeda PCR

Theileriosis is a tick borne protozoan parasite infection of cattle red blood cells resulting in anaemia.  Testing is recommended in anaemic cattle to confirm the cause of anaemia is T orientalis Ikeda. Testing in healthy cattle will screen for the presence/absence of T orientalis Ikeda. Diagnosis can also be made by examination of red blood cells on smears where the parasite can be visualised.  A PCR for Theileria orientalis buffeli is available as a separate test. Other causes of anaemia can be excluded by clinical examination, full blood examination and serum biochemistry.




Whole blood


EDTA (minimum 2 ml)

Collection protocol:

Standard venepuncture. To avoid contamination that may lead to false positives, the sample must be dedicated to PCR testing alone. Submit multiple EDTA tubes if full blood examination or smear review is also required.