Young Bovine Profile

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology’s new profile for young bovine (12-24 months) will simplify testing and help you improve the health of cattle at this stage. Results from this profile will ensure trace element concentrations are optimal in this period and allows time for any required supplementation to be planned and implemented, whilst the testing for faecal egg counts will determine the worm burden.

BVDV can have significant financial consequences. Testing for BVDV at this stage will help you take measures to reduce infection amongst the heard, helping avoid losses in productivity and reproduction due to BVDV infection.

The profile consists of:

Trace elements: Copper, GPx,
Vitamin B12 Panel
Faecal Egg Count
BVDV (Pestivirus) PCR

Samples required:

Serum, Whole Blood and Faeces


Lithium Heparin Tube,
EDTA Tube, Yellow Top Pot

To order the Young Bovine Profile please send required samples to Gribbles Veterinary Pathology along with your submission form (CLICK HERE to download). Please write Young Bovine Profile in testing instructions.