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    Long standing orf in an adult miniature goat

    On a farm near Maldon in central Victoria, a 3 year old female miniature goat, one of a herd of 50, had developed long standing grey crusty lumps (Figure 1) on the skin of the ear, muzzle and tail.

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    Equine Mating Testing

    Equine mating season is upon us again. Gribbles Veterinary offers a range of options to assist with pre-mating, pregnancy and post foaling.

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    Polioencephalomalacia in Merino hoggets

    On a farm near Heathcote in central Victoria, in a mob of 400 Merino wether hoggets grazing lush pasture, four were found dead and three others showed nervous signs.

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    Small Animal Faecal Pathogens PCR test

    Small Animal Faecal Pathogens PCR test put to use in a multi cat household