Biosecurity to strengthen and protect the Australian livestock industry.

Australian producers are faced with a myriad of risk factors to their livestock on a daily basis, impacting the productivity, health and success of their properties. Biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect farms from the spread of pests and disease. Biosecurity is the responsibility of every farmer, and that of every person visiting or working on the property.

Farm Biosecurity is implemented by all good producers and may include initiatives such as appropriate boundary fencing or testing for disease before purchasing and introducing new animals to the herd.

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One Biosecurity

In South Australia, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) promotes farm biosecurity through the livestock biosecurity assurance program, One Biosecurity. One Biosecurity is an online tool where producers can manage, check and declare their farm biosecurity status for a range of endemic diseases.

One Biosecurity provides best practice biosecurity assessment, management, advice and guidelines for multiple livestock diseases in South Australia. Endemic disease control is an important component of the program and laboratory testing is vital to provide evidence of a producer’s property status regarding risk for the endemic diseases, including:

  • Sheep - Johne's Disease, Footrot, Lice, Ovine Brucellosis
  • Dairy Cattle - Johne's Disease, Pestivirus
  • Beef Cattle - Johne's Disease, Pestivirus

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Gribbles, PIRSA and VETLAB

Gribbles is proud to support Australian farmers in identifying and preventing the spread of disease that may impact the health of a property. Gribbles proudly partners with some of the country's leading government bodies to ensure a pro-active approach to farm biosecurity, health and productivity, providing diagnostic testing that is invaluable in not only treatment plans, but also disease prevention plans.

Established in 1989, Gribbles Veterinary Pathology has grown to be one of Australia’s largest veterinary pathology organisations, providing excellence in veterinary diagnostic and analytical services nationwide. Gribbles is committed to providing animal healthcare professionals with industry leading pathology services. Our clients include private veterinary practitioners, zoological gardens, government, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2004, Gribbles Australia has been the provider of animal health diagnostic pathology services to PIRSA. Gribbles provides services to PIRSA from the state veterinary laboratory at Glenside, VETLAB.

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Surveillance Programs

In surveillance programs, samples are tested as part of investigation of disease events in case they are the result of breaches in biosecurity. In monitoring programs regularly collected samples from the herd and environment are tested for early detection of pathogens before disease is apparent. The property’s animals are sampled individually, or in groups where samples may be pooled. Environmental sampling might involve testing of water, air, feed or slurry.

For a list of the national and state animal health programs and projects that PIRSA are involved with check out these links:



Notifiable Disease Reporting

A number of animal diseases are notifiable, and they pose a real threat to Australia’s animal health status. A notifiable disease must be reported immediately to:

  • Emergency Animal Disease Watch hotline on 1800 675 888
  • your nearest government animal health adviser or government veterinary officer.

For a list of the notifiable diseases and what to do check out this link:

By adopting good biosecurity practices you will be able minimise the entry and spread of harmful pathogens being introduced on to the farm and thereby safeguard your business, the environment and the wider public.


Important Biosecurity Information

At Gribbles Veterinary and VETLAB, our focus is to be your partner in providing you with expert veterinary pathology services, excellent customer service and innovative solutions. Part of this service is to keep you up to date with the latest tests, information and reports.


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