Biosecurity in Australia

Biosecurity to strengthen and protect the Australian livestock industry.

Biosecurity to strengthen and protect the Australian livestock industry.

Australian farmers are faced with a myriad of risk factors to their livestock on a day-to-day basis, impacting the productivity, health and success of their farms. Biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect the premises from the spread of pests and disease. Farm biosecurity is very much the responsibility of the farmer, and that of every person visiting or working on the property, and can often be overlooked until contamination of livestock is evident.

Farm Biosecurity is implemented by all good producers and may include initiatives such as appropriate boundary fencing or testing for disease before purchasing and introducing to the herd.

Gribbles, PIRSA and VetLab

Gribbles is proud to support Australian farmers in identifying and preventing the spread of disease that may impact the health of a farm. Gribbles proudly partners with some of the countries’ leading government bodies to ensure a pro-active approach to farm biosecurity, health and productivity, providing diagnostic testing that is invaluable in not only treatment plans, but also prevention plans.

Established in 1989, Gribbles Veterinary Pathology has grown to be one of Australia’s largest veterinary pathology organisations, providing excellence in veterinary diagnostic and analytical services nationwide. Gribbles is committed to providing animal healthcare professionals with industry leading pathology services. Our clients include private veterinary practitioners, zoological gardens, government, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2004, Gribbles Australia has been the provider of animal health diagnostic pathology services to the Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA). PIRSA is a government body that plays a key role in South Australia’s agriculture, food, wine and forestry industries. PIRSA is committed to promoting South Australia’s biosecurity integrity throughout these industries, recently announcing the launch of their mandatory One Biosecurity initiative throughout South Australia. Gribbles has a unique relationship with PIRSA, being in an exclusive partnership with their biosecurity diagnostic pathology division, VetLab.

At Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, our focus is to provide expert veterinary pathology services, as well as excellent customer service, by partnering with our clients to develop innovative solutions that meet their needs.