Mycobacterial Non-TB (generic) PCR

Mycobacteria can infect a wide range of domestic and non-domestic animal species and cause a range of disease patterns. These typically include granulomatous diseases affecting any organ system but often seen in the subcutaneous tissues, gut and viscera. This test will detect all mycobacterial species.

Mycobacteria can also be detected by acid-fast staining of swabbed material (such as wound exudate) and histological staining of affected tissues. PCR has the advantage of detecting mycobacteria when numbers are too low for visualisation by staining, and amplified genetic material can be sequenced and compared to known databases to determine the species of mycobacteria involved.




Fresh tissue, formalin-fixed tissue from processed histology blocks; swab


Sterile pot (for fresh tissue or swabs)

10% neutral buffered formalin (for histological material)

Collection protocol: